The Republican State Senator who chairs the chamber’s finance committee has been poring over Democratic Governor Tim Walz’s budget proposal and isn’t too pleased with what she sees.

Minnesota Republican State Senator Julie Rosen of Vernon Center.

Senator Julie Rosen of Vernon Center said, “You cannot believe the tax increases in this budget, particularly around transportation. He has a very, very aggressive gas tax in there that is going to be indexed up to 29 cents in the future.”

She added that the budget also doubles the tab fees to license vehicles in Minnesota as well as a vehicle sales tax increase.

Rosen said those increases fly in the face of Walz’s campaign promise to take care of greater Minnesotans because, “This hurts greater Minnesota. This hurts people on fixed incomes.”

Rosen puts the potential tax increases at $3 billion and also said that she’s disappointed that the budget doesn’t address child care assistance fraud – which she said has cost the state $130 million.