A barefoot woman who was not dressed for last week’s weather conditions told police she was assaulted before being kicked out of a man’s apartment, and the Mankato Department of Public Safety said they not only had to deal with the irate man when they took the victim back to retrieve her belongings but also a dog the man refused to restrain.

When police arrived with the victim at 52-year-old Steven Danberry’s apartment they said he opened the door with the dog beside him and refused to remove his pet. As the dog continued to bark and growl the officer reported that Danberry tried to push him out of the apartment and shut the door.

The criminal complaint shows the dog continued to try to bite the officer while Danberry screamed at him. The officer managed to take Danberry down but as they struggled, with the officer attempting to handcuff the man, the dog charged and the officer drew his weapon to protect himself.

The officer said he was a moment away from shooting the dog when the victim ran around him and secured the animal in the bathroom.

When investigators were able to interview the victim she explained Danberry became angry when she refused him sex, backhanded her, and told her to get out of his apartment.

Court records show Danberry has two previous domestic violence convictions, one in 2011 and another in 2016.