The Chief Public Defender of Minnesota’s 5th Judicial District is disappointed that the bill to legalize marijuana use in the state died in a state Senate committee, rather than being decided by the full chamber.

Scott Cutcher said the bill made it much further and got more attention than he expected this session, but admitted that there is one looming issue still unsolved. “The one thing that I agree with law enforcement, and I don’t often agree with law enforcement, but it’s like DWIs; how do I test you?” he said, “Other than that when they say it’s a ‘gateway drug’ blah, blah, blah? Well, alcohol is a gateway drug.”

Current testing methods are lacking because Cutcher says, “If I smoke a joint today, it’s going to be in my system for a few days but I’ll be fine to drive tomorrow. So, I think that’s a huge problem.

After a pilot program last fall, Michigan State Police recently rolled out a saliva testing program statewide they say detects marijuana, amphetamine, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methamphetamine, and opiates. However, it only detects the presence of the drugs and it’s up to troopers to determine whether the driver is impaired by the use of them.