A rural Rochester woman was arrested Monday after running over her adult son – intentionally – and officials say she is the sister of Lois Riess, who is accused of murdering her husband in their Blooming Prairie home March 21 last year.

Cynthia Grund is charged with felony assault after police say she intentionally ran over adult son.

Olmsted County Sheriff’s Captain Scott Behrns said 58-year-old Cynthia Grund and her 37-year-old son got into a confrontation at her Salem Corners-area home because he had been drinking all day. Behrns explained that Grund told her son to leave and he left on foot, saying he was walking to Rochester

Grund then made arrangements for her son to stay somewhere for the night. Behrns said Grund got into her vehicle and caught up with her son as he was walking on the driveway. She told him to get into the vehicle and they got into another confrontation.

Lois Reiss is accused of murdering husband David in Blooming Prairie as well as killing a Florida woman to assume her identity to avoid capture.

Behrns said the son then laid down on the driveway and told Grund, “Why don’t you just run me over?” – and she did. Behrns said the son suffered serious pelvic and other injuries.

Grund told investigators, “He didn’t believe I would run him over.” She was arrested on a felony assault charge.

Riess, who is accused of murdering her husband in Blooming Prairie last year, is currently being held in Florida where she has been charged with killing a woman while on the run.