Senate Republicans presented Senate File 1, a bill on Mental Health last week. The legislation designates $25 million in grant money to make mental health more easily accessible and more affordable for those who need it, like farmers, new moms, students, young adults, and individuals in crisis.

“Mental Health is just as important as physical health,” said Senator Julie Rosen. “Across the state we are hearing from schools, farmers, and law enforcement that mental health is a concern not only for someone’s well-being, but for the safety of our public spaces. This bill will allow communities to prioritize mental health services so anyone can get the help they need. Whether that is on campus, in a shelter, on the farm, or in the courthouse.”

The legislation also establishes the Community Competency Restoration Task Force dedicated to evaluate, study, and​ provide recommendations to address the needs of individuals deemed incompetent to stand​ trial, and prevent incarceration when treatment would be a better option.


Grants in SF 1 can be used for:

  • Mental health provided on five state colleges and five state universities
  • Establish or expand mental health care in schools and in homeless shelters
  • Expands grants to children with mental health needs, including mental health screening, services, suicide prevention text messaging program, and respite care
  • Funds increasing available housing options for individuals and families navigating mental illness
  • Provide transportation for school-linked services outside of the school year
  • Pre- and post-partum screening and treatment
  • Peace officer training to identify and respond appropriately to mental health crisis situation
  • Farmer mental health programs and outreach