VINE Faith in Action in partnership with Mayo Clinic Health System is offering a seven-week class aimed at reducing falls and building confidence for the older adults in the Greater Mankato community this summer.

Stepping On is an evidence-based program which will begin on Thursday, May 23 from 9-11 am at the VINE Adult Community Center.  The classes run through Thursday, July 11.

This program is specifically designed for people at risk of falling, have a fear of falling, or have fallen. Participants will learn things such as how to identify and remove or avoid fall hazards in the home and outside; how vision, hearing, medication, and footwear affect the risk of falling; strength and balance exercises; and how to get back up properly if a fall does happen.

Stepping On features trained facilitators and guest experts from Mayo Clinic Health System.

The program is open to the public.  A $20 fee covers the cost of class materials. Contact VINE’s Health and Wellness Program Manager, Karen Christy at (507) 386-5586 for more information and to register.