“We’re here to announce an agreement has been reached on a two-year state budget for Minnesota.   I’m gonna clap. I’m gonna clap.”

…Governor Tim Walz and legislative leaders last night (Sun) at the Capitol:

Republicans get income tax cuts for many middle-class Minnesotans and got the governor to back off from a gas tax increase. But Republicans had to agree to Walz’s demand for a permanent extension of the medical provider tax (at 1.8 percent). Senate G-O-P Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says the budget deal…

“It was a draw, and it was good for Minnesota.”

Governor Walz had to go along with Republicans’ push for two years of “reinsurance” to hold down health care premiums, and his expansion of MinnesotaCare is *not* in the deal:

“We weren’t ready at this point in time to say what’s coming next, that we’re going to try and work on it together, and I agree.”