The decisions made before putting the vehicle in drive are choices that can change a life forever. For Erica Bodell, placing her daughter in the proper child restraint made the difference between life and death.

A drunk driver in Isanti County hit the Bodell’s family vehicle head-on in 2015. Erica’s two sons suffered severe injuries, while her daughter Havana was told she may never walk again.

The Bodells first told their story at an August 2016 news conference.

Law enforcement across the state will help educate motorists about the dangers of failing to buckle up during the Click It or Ticket extra seat belt enforcement campaign Sept. 16-28. The campaign, coordinated by the Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety, includes more than 300 law enforcement agencies across the state.

  • In the last five years, 18 children ages 0-7 have been killed in car crashes with only 39 percent of them being properly restrained.
  • In the last five years, of the 17,237 children ages 0-7 that were properly restrained, 87 percent were not injured.
  • Law enforcement cited 1,442 drivers in 2018 for failing to properly restrain their children.
  • In 2018, 96 unbelted motorists lost their lives on Minnesota roads, the most since 2014 (106).
  • Law enforcement cited 34,748 unbelted motorists in 2018, compared with 54,856 citations in 2014.
  • The 2019 Minnesota Seat Belt Survey shows 93.4 percent compliance for front-seat occupants.