According to the Minnesota State Patrol:
  • at least 20 feet from a school bus displaying red flashing lights;
  • when school bus stop arm is extended stop at least 20 feet away from the bus;
  • when school bus displays red flashing lights because it indicates students are entering or exiting the bus;
  • for pedestrians.
Be alert for:
  • children even if school bus is on opposite side of a separated roadway, such roads separated by a median;
  • school crossing patrols;
  • when school bus displays amber colored lights it signals that the bus is preparing to stop to pick up or drop off students.
Speeds are lowered within school zones for student safety. Student bus safety is a collaborative effort between Mankato Area Public Schools, City of Mankato Public Safety, Minnesota State Highway Patrol, Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Department and law enforcement from the cities of Eagle Lake, North Mankato and Madison Lake, Yaeger Bus Service and Palmer Bus Company.