Famed country singer/songwriter Lyle Lovett was born on this day in 1957 in Klein, TX.

He grew up on a farm with his mother, a training specialist, and father, who was a marketing executive. He attended Texas A&M, where he majored in German and journalism and graduated in 1980.

His friend Robert Earl Keen got him hooked on making music, which led to him performing at clubs across Texas for a few years. When he released his debut album in 1986, he achieved nationwide success.

Between 1986-1988, Lovett had seven Top 40 hits, including ‘Cowboy Man’ which was a top 10 hit.

In 1993, he became even more well-known as the husband to Hollywood actress Julia Roberts, which also got him into acting in films such as ‘Short Cuts’.

He continues to write music and perform to this day.


-Intern Alex