Willie Nelson has long been considered to many people as one of the most prominent songwriters. With multiple hits under his belt, as well as many written for others, it is no surprise. But he wasn’t always a success. In Tennessee, in 1960, a young Nelson attempted to sell his songs to just make enough money to eat. At the same time, country singer Patsy Cline was struggling on her own. With her career experiencing many ups and downs, featuring a car accident at the incline of her success. Her hit, “I Fall to Pieces” was making headway following her accident, and Nelson’s reputation as a talented songwriter was spreading.

Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline eventually ended up teaming up on the jukebox hit “Crazy,” which Cline recorded in one take. Released in October 1961, “Crazy” jumped to the no. 2 country spot and no. 9 on the top 100 charts. Alongside Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog”, “Crazy” was later labeled as the most played jukebox songs of all time by the Amusement and Music Operators Association.


Intern Leah