Newcomer Ingrid Andress has a highly anticipated album, Lady Like, that will be released on March 27. There are some suspicions that there will be some Little Big Town influences contained within it.

In an interview with Country Aircheck, Andress talks about the advice that she had received from Fairchild. “(She) said to always got with your gut, because the further along you get, the more cooks there are in the kitchen and the more opinions you’re going to have to listen to,” Andress said. “First and foremost as an artist, your job is to keep your goal and vision, because you’re the one the art is coming from,” Andress said.

Andress admits that the hardest part of her job is trying to find the inspiration for that art. Her debut single “More Hearts Like Mine” talks about a guy she brought home from college, and this took place 10 years ago.

Andress stated that the song made her think about how her family held on tightly to that relationship, so the song came from a real place in her life.


-Intern Amanda