We really are giving anything and everything a national day, aren’t we?

National Hydration Day is when you’re supposed to remind yourself to drink more water. Especially now that summer’s here.

A recent survey asked people about their water-drinking habits, and what KIND of water they normally drink at home.

So are you a bottled water fan? Or do you still trust the free stuff you get from your tap?

Well, filtered water is now the most popular option. Like from a fridge dispenser or a Brita. And tap water is our LEAST favorite.

37% of people said they normally drink filtered water at home . . . 31% drink bottled water most of the time . . . just 29% go for tap water . . . and 3% didn’t answer.

Women were much more likely to say bottled water is the best option . . . 38% compared to 23% of men. And men are more likely to drink it from the tap.