Opposites may attract, but do they last? A new survey asked 2,000 people to name the most important things you need to have in common in a relationship. Here are the top ten answers . . .

1. Future plans and long-term goals. Like how much money you need to make, and whether you want kids. 57% agreed it’s important for that stuff to line up.

2. Shared values, 56%.

3. Sense of humor, 50%.

4. Sex drive and your overall attitude about sex, 50%.

5. Lifestyle, 49%.

6. Personality traits, 46%.

7. Work ethic, 44%.

8. Hobbies and interests, 41%.

9. Political opinions, 35%.

10. Political actions, 27%. Like who you vote for, and whether you take something like climate change seriously enough to actually change your habits.