Minnesota’s “Vaccine Allocation Advisory Group” is seeking public input on how to allocate limited COVID vaccines to the next groups in line — “essential workers” and those age 75 and older.   Among “essential workers” will likely be educators, utility workers, first responders, and food supply workers. Patrick Murray with AgriGrowth:

“We want to try to ensure that our workers are at that point in the pecking order where they are able to get the vaccines, our plants are to continue to keep running, and ag food supply/food chain continues to run as seamlessly as possible.”

Public comments submitted on-line by 5 p-m Thursday will be provided to the “Vaccine Allocation Advisory Group” ahead of their January 11th meeting.   The group, as well as the state Health Department, will submit recommendations to Governor Tim Walz who makes the final decision, which must conform with broad federal guidelines for vaccine allocation.