Still $30,000 shy of its goal, The Salvation Army will end collections on Thursday.


MANKATO, Minn. – Ringer-less kettles are still visible at several locations in the Mankato area, thanks to an extended ringing season that was designed to make up a shortfall in collections this Christmas. The kettles, however,  will be collected by the close of business this coming Thursday, January 7th.  With a great push at the end, The Salvation Army ends its iconic bell ringing season at 94% of its $500,000 goal.


“We are extremely grateful for all our friends who rang bells for us this year.”  Said Lieutenant Andy, one of the leaders of The Salvation Army in Mankato.  “We could not think of a more courageous set of people than those who put themselves out there to benefit those who are struggling in our community.”


It is hard to finish a race without crossing the actual finish line.  Understanding just how serious some of the challenges faced during this past year, The Salvation Army still feels hopeful for a bright future.


“We came much further than many thought we could during a time like this,” said Wheeler. “We are in complete awe of the generosity and resolve of this community.”


Donations can always be made online at