Members of Mankato’s Public Safety team who are eligible and interested in getting the vaccine as part of the Phase 1a vaccination schedule are now doing so. The benefits of taking the vaccine include avoiding getting the virus, building protection against the virus and helping stop the pandemic, which is important to public health and safety and the economy.

“Since our first responders are most likely to be the initial contact in emergency situations, it’s important that they, as well as the people they’re helping, are safe and protected against COVID-19,” says Director of Public Safety Amy Vokal.

Associate Director of Public Safety Jeff Bengtson was among the first to schedule an appointment to be vaccinated. Bengtson responds to calls where residents need assistance or are in emergency situations.

“I opted to get the vaccine because I work with a lot of people from residents to first responders,” Bengtson says. “It was something I could do to help keep them safe while continuing to provide much needed services to the public.”

Vaccinations are being administered by Blue Earth County Public Health. Minnesota and the City of Mankato are not requiring that the vaccine be taken. First responders are among the initial groups eligible to receive the vaccine if desired. The second dose is administered within about a month of the first. Learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations.

For more information contact staff at 311 or 507-387-8600.