An angry Governor Tim Walz at a morning  (Mon) forum with legislative leaders, talking about last Wednesday’s protests at the Minnesota State Capitol while rioters stormed the U-S Capitol:

“The result of that and that language of taking the governor and his family prisoner, and there may be casualties, resulted for the first time the State Patrol entering the living quarters and removing my 14-year-old son to a safe location — as he’s crying, looking for his dog.”

Walz exchanged words with House Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt.

“I for one am not gonna try and spend a lot of time to figure out why a president of the United States–

Daudt: “Governor, I have spoken out against that many times…. I can’t speak out in stronger terms than that is absolutely wrong. You and I agree on that.”

“I really do think it’s important we lower the tone. I mean, there are a number of things going on that we’ve gotta figure out how to navigate through.”