House Republicans say Governor Tim Walz’s 35-million-dollar request to help law enforcement prepare for the Floyd officer trials misses the mark. Deputy Minority Leader Anne Neu Brindley says law enforcement from around Minnesota has said…

“They’re not concerned about the finances of this.   They are concerned about the demonization of law enforcement, and that continues in the city of Minneapolis.”

State Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington responds a lot of law enforcement agencies assumed, after what happened last summer, that for the upcoming trials they’d be sending in riot police:

…” and what we’re saying to them is, no, if we do this the right way, you’re gonna come in and prevent crime and you’re gonna prevent disorder.”

Senate Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says, “We are not going to bail out Minneapolis city council after they have made cuts to the public safety budget” and will propose an alternative later this week.