Vigorous debate in the Minnesota House on the governor’s 35-million-dollar public safety request for the upcoming George Floyd officer trials. Republicans proposed what they call a “clean” funding package without controversial police reforms, some of which Democrats were already forced to water down:

“This bill is not the place to accomplish that.   We did some of it last year. I think there are ideas about doing more.   Fine, we can have those conversations.   This is not the place.”

…Minority Leader Kurt Daudt (DOWT). Democrats rejected the measure at the urging of Majority Leader Ryan Winkler, who says the proposed bill will…

…”make sure that the peace is kept in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, that First Amendment protections will be honored, and that law enforcement supports.”

The state’s three largest law enforcement organizations say they’re “neutral” on the bill as it stands, but urged the House to pass it and “continue discussions with the Minnesota Senate and all stakeholders on a final version.”