In hopes of spreading some cheer during a dark and cold winter, The Salvation Army is providing a special kind of warmth.  In a time of economic decline and uncertainty, the community is being provided with another way to make ends meet—food vouchers for use this Easter season.

The food assistance will be somewhat like the vouchers offered during Christmas with a couple of key changes to the process.  There will be an on-line application from March 1-15, with the option to request a hard copy sent to you through the postal service, which can then be completed and delivered in person to 700 S Riverfront Drive in Mankato.  Applications must be completed and submitted by March 15 in order to get grocery vouchers in applicants’ hands no later than the week before Easter. The link to apply will be available on March 1 on the company’s website and Facebook page or call 507.345.7840 to request a paper application between March 1-15.

Please note there will be a change in voucher amounts and specifications from previous voucher programs.  For this program, the head of household will qualify for $25, and an additional $5 per person in the household will be added—with a limit of 6 people total (no household will receive more than $50).  Also, vouchers will be for grocery items (as opposed to meat/dairy items like before), in hopes of meeting the dietary restrictions some may have.  Vouchers can be redeemed at Cub Foods on South Riverfront.

“We are very excited to offer a service like this to the community,” said Lieutenant Andy Wheeler, one of the officers in charge of the Mankato Salvation Army.  “We knew this year could present some much-needed opportunities for us to give back.  This is a unique service being provided this Easter season, and we are hopeful it will make a lasting impact.”