Name a sound you used to hear a lot before the pandemic, but not anymore . . .

A new survey asked people to name the top sounds they’ve missed during COVID.  And live music got the most votes.

  1. Live music.  38% said it’s one of the top sounds they miss.
  2. Surround sound at movie theaters, 35%.
  3. Hearing a huge crowd cheering in person, 28%.
  4. The sound of kids or grandkids playing nearby, 24%.  (Isn’t that also a sound parents would love to STOP hearing right now?  One day alone would be great.)

Other sounds people said they miss include “sermons in church” . . . “slot machines” . . . and hearing someone say “I love you” in person.

We’re also looking forward to having face-to-face conversations without masks on.

Three out of four people think it’s more difficult to have a real conversation with masks.  57% say it’s a lot harder to have a good chat on Zoom than it is in person.  And six in 10 agree the pandemic has hurt our conversation skills in general.