Governor Tim Walz announces this morning (11am) what he bills as one of the most significant dial-backs so far of COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings in Minnesota:

“The Twins and (President) Dave St. Peter was clear that they need about 30 days or so to start thinking about ticket sales for an April 8th opener. I would say schools want to start thinking about this. If you’ve got a May prom, you’re gonna want to know.”

Republicans continue pushing the governor to totally open Minnesota businesses such as restaurants, bars and fitness centers.   On the House floor last night (Thurs), Representative Eric Lucero from Dayton read an e-mail from a constituent, Lynn:

” ‘Don’t allow Governor Walz to create orders any more that lock us in our homes, force youth athletes to wear masks, and shut down our economy. It is time to open up.’ ”

Republicans tried again Thursday night to cancel the governor’s emergency COVID powers, but Democrats again said “no”.