“No tax increases” tops Minnesota Senate Republicans’ state budget proposal — drawing clear battle lines with Governor Tim Walz, who will likely continue pushing for a top-income tax increase in his revised budget plan tomorrow (Thurs). Senate G-O-P Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says tax increases won’t happen, with a state budget surplus and billions coming from the federal government:

“Kids back in school and being successful; businesses up and operating, that’s what we all want. We want our society to be back to normal, up and running. Can’t you wait to the day that you don’t have to wear a mask because the governor says?”

House Speaker, Democrat Melissa Hortman calls Republicans’ budget “woefully inadequate” — not providing enough money for education and decreasing the state’s commitment to agriculture and rural development. Majority Leader Ryan Winkler says Senate Republicans are telling Minnesotans that big corporations and the rich come first.