The amount of COVID-19 vaccines coming into the state is about to increase dramatically. Political Insider Blois Olson says the federal government will double the doses it is sending to Minnesota in about a week from the current 150,000 doses to upwards of 350,000 doses.

“Assecibility will be greater and the governor expects to announce very soon just what that means for eligibility for Minnesotans and how expanded distribution might work.”

Olson says this week a couple more COVID-19 vaccination sites will open to get ready for the vaccine expansion. In the meantime, he says some younger and healthier people are already getting the call to get their shots.

“Some of the providers have reported that they are having 20-to-30 percent, no-shows, for their vaccine appointments. So those providers are already starting to expand into other populations based on medical health records.”

Olson says he expects that within a week or two anyone in Minnesota who wants a vaccine should be able to get it scheduled, which would be well ahead of the May 1st target date that had been set.