When all the bars closed, you had two choices:  Stop drinking fancy cocktails . . . or keep the party going and learn to make them yourself.

Someone looked at Google Trends to find the #1 cocktail each state has been googling during the pandemic.  Here are the top drinks we’ve been learning to make . . .

  1. Mimosas, from people brunching at home.  It’s just champagne and OJ, but it’s #1 in six states.  (Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, and Tennessee.)
  2. Piña coladas are next with three states.  (Florida, New Jersey, and New Mexico.)
  3. White Russians, three states.  (Alaska, Minnesota, and West Virginia.)
  4. Mojitos, three states.  (Arkansas, Virginia, and Washington.)
  5. Margaritas, three states.  (Missouri, New Hampshire, and Texas.)
  6. “Wine coolers” also made the list with three states.  (Kansas, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.)  You can make your own by mixing wine and ginger ale.
  7. Bellini, Dark and Stormy, and Old Fashioned got two states each.  And one state’s top cocktail is really a MOCKTAIL.  Shirley Temples are #1 in Nevada.