Governor Tim Walz and former Governor Tim Pawlenty both rolled up their sleeves Tuesday afternoon to receive their COVID vaccinations together at the Minnesota Vikings Training Center in Eagan:

“Getting vaccinated is not just Minnesota nice, it’s Minnesota smart.”

Pawlenty joked “as a sign of bipartisanship” he would have the vaccine in his right arm, while Walz would receive it in the left. Governor Walz says:

“In the real world amongst variants and everything else that goes on, the vaccines are proving 90-percent effective — and they’re proving nearly a hundred-percent effective in preventing deaths and serious illness.”

All Minnesotans age 16 and over are now eligible for COVID vaccinations. Walz says the White House informed him shipments will significantly increase next week as predicted. Over a million Minnesotans have received the complete course of COVID vaccine. Walz says over the next three to four weeks, the state could potentially vaccinate one-and-a-half million more.