After much consideration and after speaking with my family and co-workers ,I am excited to announce that I will be running for Sheriff in Nicollet County.

I believe Law enforcement is a noble profession with 800,000 law enforcement officers in the United States and 10,000 licensed officers here in Minnesota. These officers shoulder the responsibility every day to keep our communities safe.  The past couple of year’s people were afraid to even say they liked or supported law enforcement because of the rhetoric and division being expressed. Sadly, this inflammatory language has been spread by many elected officials which should be embarrassed their message.


I love living in Nicollet County, I started a family here, had children and now they have all graduated from school, attended college and have started their own careers. I have worked at the Sheriff’s office nearly 30 years. At the Sheriff’s office I have served as a jailer /dispatcher, deputy sheriff and for the last 16 years criminal investigator.


I have been a public servant 33 years, actually my whole adult life. Starting at the age of 17, I joined the Minnesota National Guard and went to basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I returned from basic training and graduated high school from Le Center Public School. I attended Mankato State University studying political science while serving as a cannon crewman and truck driver for the Minnesota Army National Guard in St. Peter. I graduated from Mankato State University with a bachelor science degree in political science. I started in law enforcement in 1994 as a deputy and police officer, working at the Le Center Police Department, Le Sueur County Sheriff’s Office and briefly as the Chief of police in Cleveland, MN.


I started with Nicollet County Sheriff’s Office in 1995 and have been here ever since. We have a great staff at the sheriff’s office. The sheriff is important position in the county, but not as important as the men and women that dispatch the calls and respond to your emergencies and medicals across the county. We are lucky to have the staff we have in Nicollet County.

Since I’ve started at the Sheriff’s office I have seen a lot of change in the county and our community.


From new judges, and several County Administrators

Two county attorneys, Mike Riley, & currently Michelle Zehnder Fischer

I have worked for two Sheriff’s, Jim Kollman & currently Dave Lange

I have worked with two chief deputies, Don Wersal & Karl Jensen


All of whom I would like to thank for helping me receive the training and equipment needed to be an effective investigator and employee for Nicollet County.

I have worked with three Chiefs of police from the city of St. Peter- Brad Kollman,Matt Peters & currently, Chief Matt Grochow.

I have worked with four Chiefs of police from the City of North Mankato- Les Enis, Mike Pulis, Chris Boyer, and currently Ross Gullickson.


I have an outstanding relationship with both local police departments and a reputation of offering assistance to them and any other law enforcement agency in the area.

I worked during the 1998 tornado for sheriff Kollman. I’v seen the county change from rural route addresses to our new 911 enhanced addressing system. Like every other deputy in the county I have been on every road and path and trail in the county multiple times. Averaging 20 to 30,000 miles a year over 27 years I have probably put on over 500,000 miles in Nicollet County.


One thing that hasn’t changed my entire career is the support from Nicollet County residents toward law enforcement. After the riots in the metro area, Nicollet County residents were sending cards and dropping off cookies to show support for law enforcement on a regular basis, which was very much appreciated. Residents were thanking area law enforcement for doing their jobs and still are today.

I have built relationships within groups and with individuals in the county over the years, with area law enforcement leaders and investigators and with several individuals involved in criminal activity. These relationships are needed to be successful and are built through years and years of experience and compassion for the victims of crime.


I started a nonprofit here in southern Minnesota called “Minnesota South Central Investigators Coalition” in 2008.  The motto of this group is ”The power is in sharing information”. Since its inception, MSCIC has provided training to thousands of officers and a network to share information to assist in tracking and apprehending individuals involved in criminal activity in southern Minnesota. Our mission statement is simple, there are two objectives, one is to train officers and the other is to better relations within the community. This organization funds many events throughout the year. Such as, Shop with a Hero, Cops & Bobbers and Toys for Tots. This organization is one of the things I am most proud of in my career, because it makes a real difference, directly in our local communities and will be here long after I retire.


It’s not that complicated if we want to reduce crime, we simply need to enforce the law.


With our current behavior in society we are teaching children that it’s okay to disrespect authority. As adults, we need to lead by example and show respect and teach your children to respect teachers, police and yes even referees and umpires.


Bail reform:

The County has doubled the amount of deputies, more than doubled the sheriff’s budget and very few individuals are in jail. The jail door has become revolving door and this just does not work. Career criminals need to be in custody not on our streets. A very small percentage of our population is committing the overwhelming majority of our crimes. I’m not asking for new laws, I only want to enforce the laws we have on our books and follow the sentencing guidelines that are currently in existence.


Drugs: overdoses and fatal over doses continue to rise, nearly doubling from last year in our task force region, if we keep doing what we are doing we will get the same outcome. Mental health and addiction resources are put in place and are available as they should be. Low-level offenders are screened and given many options from outpatient and inpatient treatment, drug court and several other opportunities to make the right choices in life. The individuals selling these poisons and that are arrested over and over again in our communities are not being held accountable.


I want to live in a safe community, you and your family deserve to live in a safe community.

I will stand up for you and your family and hold criminals and the system accountable for their actions. I pledge transparency, and I am proud to be a resident of Nicollet County, a law enforcement officer and a Christian!

I will work hard for all citizens of Nicollet County and will be asking for your support and your Vote this November.

Questions feel free to contact me.


Thanks, Marc Chadderdon


[email protected]















Marc Chadderdon

For Nicollet County Sheriff

Married to wife, Betsy and we have 4 children

Betsy is a Nicollet County Probation Officer

Kayla- special Ed Teacher Burnsville, Minnesota, Ben- MN DOT Mankato, Minnesota, Taylor RN Point Loma, California, Joshua Minnesota Air Guard St. Paul Minnesota

Raised on a farm south of Le Center, Minnesota

Graduated from Le Center Public School 1990

MSU (Bachelor of Science) degree in political science, Mankato State University

Work experience: 

Served in the Minnesota Army National Guard in St. Peter. 1989-1995

Le Center Police Department 1994-1995

Deputy Sheriff in Le Sueur County 1994-1995

Chief of police Cleveland, Minnesota 1994-1995

Served in the Minnesota Army National Guard in St. Peter. 1989-1995

Elected Mayor of Nicollet, MN 1999-2002

Employed at the Nicollet County Sheriff’s office 27 years-

Started working in jail & dispatch for Nicollet County

11 years as a Deputy Sheriff 1995

16 years as Criminal Investigator.

25+ year member of the Nicollet Conservation Club, Nicollet Minnesota

25+ year member of the Redmen Club, St. Peter Minnesota

2008 Founder of MSCIC (non-profit) training police officers, bettering relation with the community.

Board member for “Helping Minnesota Heroes” Charity Organization St Peter, MN



2009 Minnesota Sheriffs Association- Meritorious Service award-nominated by: Dave Lange

20011 Minnesota South Central Investigator Coalition: Recognized for founding the nonprofit MSCIC for the training of officers and betterment of relations within our communities.

2013 FBI –DOJ recognized Investigator Chadderdon for assistance with apprehending “man in black” bank robber who admitted to 31 bank robberies in Minnesota.

2019 Minnesota South Central Investigator Coalition: Recognized for outstanding service and dedication as President from 2008 until 2019.

Professional Achievement:

First in area to utilize GPS tracking technology in assisting solving criminal activity.

Founded MSCIC (nonprofit organization) which has trained thousands of officers over the past 14 years, and built positive relations with law enforcement and the community. Helped with funding activities such as cops and bobbers, toys for tots, shop with a hero, etc.

Started a local crime alert network: This is an intelligence sharing email system, which has spread across southern Minnesota (over 100 detectives) of active ongoing investigations of and potential suspect crimes which is led to the arrest & convictions of several serious crimes.

After working in Nicollet County the past 27 years (last 16 is criminal investigator) I have built relationships with both the residents of Nicollet County as well as individuals involved in criminal activity. With that experience and training that I received, I have been able to have great success in solving crimes with in Nicollet County and in surrounding jurisdictions.

Started Prostitution & human trafficking related investigations in Nicollet, Brown & Blue Earth Counties. We conducted dozens of investigations and stings, resulting in the arrest of over 125 individuals in southern Minnesota. I also assisted in developing “Safe Harbor Protocols” and provided trainings to several different disciplines. Including, medical staff, probation, social services, community groups, churches and schools.

I will stand up for you and your family and hold criminals and the system accountable for their actions. I pledge transparency, I am proud to be a law enforcement officer, a Christian and a resident of Nicollet County.

GOOGLE: INVESTIGATOR MARC CHADDERDON you will find many news articles about my activity as a Police officer and a leader of law enforcement in Nicollet County.

“I pledge to spend your money wisely and not waste it on things that are not needed.”

I’m asking for your VOTE for Nicollet County Sheriff!


Marc Chadderdon