Minnesota Senate Republicans plan to pass an E-12 education budget bill this week very different from the one the Democrat-controlled Minnesota House approved last week.   Democrats’ bill gives public schools a three-billion-dollar bump:

“For far too long we’ve made excuses:  Oop, we don’t have the resources.  Oh, we just can’t.   Well, members, yes we can.  We have the resources.”

…Minneapolis Democrat Jim Davnie.  House Republicans in that debate mirrored what their counterparts who control the Minnesota Senate are emphasizing in their bill up for a vote this week:

“We are going off the track of what is foundational knowledge for our children:  to know about our history, to know about geography… and all the other areas that are included.”

…Princeton Representative Sondra Erickson.   Senate Republicans also propose a “Parents’ Bill of Rights” that they say will prohibit “doxing” and allow parents more say in what their children are taught.