The Farmers’ Almanac correctly predicted, “Old Man Winter” would try to hang on well into April and bring a winter storm to the upper Midwest before the end of the month.  As we continue to look past spring toward summer, the Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a “Sizzling Summer with Scattered Showers”.  Managing Editor Sandi Duncan says the good news is the summer heatwave shouldn’t start right away:

“Looking at May we still use the chili word towards the end of the month and we do say that there could be some possible rain for Memorial Day. But it doesn’t look like we use the hot word until really the end of June. So right when summer starts, it looks like it’s going to turn really hot, and then it stays hot for quite some time including the middle of July.”

Duncan says the temperatures are expected to ease toward the middle or the end of August and bring some relief.  As far as precipitation, Duncan says the Farmers’ Almanac is predicting near average-to-slightly below-average rainfall for the summer.