Now that we’ve all binged cooking competition shows on TV, we THINK we know what we’re doing in the kitchen.

There’s a thread online where people are sharing the cooking “rules” that they ALWAYS ignore . . . like “don’t put pepper on steak, because it’ll just burn.”  Here are a few that people mentioned:

  1. Throwing out a whole block of cheese when there’s a little mold on it.
  2. Using olive oil while cooking, instead of cheaper oils with higher smoke-points.
  3. Don’t cook with wine, tomatoes, or anything acidic in cast iron pans.
  4. Don’t eat uncooked cookie dough.
  5. Unsalted butter in a recipe.  Some people say they use salted ALL the time.
  6. Fresh herbs in a recipe.  Subbing in dried herbs is easier, and cheaper.
  7. Measuring dried spices.  It can be a nice guide, but spice-level is subjective.
  8. Using a particular color of onion.  Some just use whatever they have on hand.
  9. Sifting flour.
  10. Don’t mix seafood and cheese.