Here’s a weird food combo we didn’t see coming:  For National Pizza Party Day tomorrow, Pepsi worked with the Culinary Institute of America and came up with Pepsi-infused PEPPERONI.  (???)

They’re calling it “Pepsi-Roni.”  They say the Pepsi adds a “citrusy sweetness” to it.  New Yorkers can try it tomorrow at a pizza place in Lower Manhattan.  Then they’re planning to offer it up in other cities soon, but haven’t said where yet.  (Here’s a photo.)

For everyone who can’t try it, they’re doing two different pizza-related deals tomorrow:  You can get $5 off a DoorDash pizza order if you buy a Pepsi with it.

And you can get $3 back if you post a photo of yourself with pizza and a Pepsi on social media with the hashtag “BetterWithPepsi.”  You also have to text “PEPSIANDPIZZA” to the number 81234 along with your receipt.