1. Yes, Trick-or-Treating is on HALLOWEEN! Stop calling the radio station and asking when kids are trick-or-treating
  2. Trick-or-Treating should be 6:00 to 9:00pm, right after dinner. Don’t go ringing doorbells after 9:00pm
  3. If you are old enough to drive yourself trick-or-treating, you are too old to Trick-or-Treat
  4. We have 2 bowls of candy-one with the good stuff for kids in costume-the other is the crap candy for kids NOT in costume.
    • If either kid does not say thank you following the candy handout, I am allowed to take back said candy.
  5. Hand out candy only. No raisins, no little trinkets, no “healthy snacks”-make your health stand with your own kids, not mine.
  6. We know when you are coming around a second time, that’s why you get candy from the SECOND bowl
  7. Don’t send your 4-year-old to the door alone. Geeze, they’re four for crying out loud… I swear if I have to coax every little kid to the words trick or treat.
    • The kids should know to say thank you
  8. Remember to have your parents pick their favorites—- I mean inspect the candy as soon as you return home.

Happy Trick-or-Treating!