Democrats on Thursday cued up an abortion rights bill for a vote in the Minnesota House as soon as next week, and a companion measure also moved toward a final vote in the state Senate.  Deephaven Democratic Senator Kelly Morrison says:

“What happened at the federal level could happen here too.  We shouldn’t have to worry that our basic, fundamental health care rights might be decimated by a future rogue court.”

Former state Representative Tim Miller with Pro-Life Action Ministries takes issue with those who say abortion is a right:

“In our founding documents of this nation, our fundamental right is to life, not to abortion.  I’m tired of people saying that there’s a fundamental right here, when it’s written nowhere in our founding documents.”

Meanwhile a bill moving forward in the House would repeal a wide variety of anti-abortion laws which courts have struck down but still remain on the books in Minnesota.  Democratic backers say eliminating those laws is additional protection for Minnesota’s abortion rights.  But Republicans respond they were designed to protect minors from exploitation, and preserve the lives of babies who survive failed abortions.