Pounds During the Quarantine

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If you've found yourself eating and drinking more during the quarantine and exercising less . . . well, you're in good company. That company is: Pretty much everyone else. According to a new survey, 76% of people say they've gained weight since the quarantine began . . . with some people gaining up to 16 pounds. One of the things making it easier to gain weight is . . . we don't have to wear real pants. About half of people say they've basically only worn sweatpants or yoga pants during the quarantine . . . and 28% can't remember the [...]

Things Foreigners Love About the U.S.

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In honor of Independence Day, we present a new poll found 7 in 10 people in the U.S. feel PROUD to be an American. Only 8% said they're not proud at all. Someone on Reddit asked people from other countries to name things they love or envy about America. And there are a lot of great answers. Some of the things are big, and some are small things you probably don't think about. Here are some highlights . . . 1. How diverse the country is. Meaning the people, the food, the architecture, AND the geography. We've got everything from cities [...]

Smells Like Outer Space

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Ever wondered what it smells like to be in outer space? Follow-up question: Ever wondered if it would be a TURN ON if YOU smelled like outer space? There's a new fragrance called Eau De Space that literally smells like outer space. It was originally developed by NASA to prepare astronauts for what they'll smell once they're in space . . . and now it's being released to the public. The company that originally made the scent for NASA just launched a Kickstarter, and you can get yourself a little bottle of the stuff for $29. It comes in a cologne [...]


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For Immediate Release June 24, 2020 2021 WINSTOCK FESTIVAL RETURNS WITH SAME LINEUP SPECIAL TICKET OFFER WITH NO FEES ANNOUNCED Friday, June 18th & Saturday, June 19th 2021 Winsted, MN – The Winstock Country Music Festival is excited to announce that all 2020 artists scheduled will be returning in 2021 including the 2019 CMA Male Vocalist of the Year winner Luke Combs and GRAMMY award-winning Hootie & the Blowfish lead singer Darius Rucker. BIG TICKET DEAL: Winstock is offering fans and customers special pricing with no fees through July 15th. Save upwards of $35.00 on General Admission tickets and $30.00 on [...]

It’s National Hydration Day

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We really are giving anything and everything a national day, aren't we? National Hydration Day is when you're supposed to remind yourself to drink more water. Especially now that summer's here. A recent survey asked people about their water-drinking habits, and what KIND of water they normally drink at home. So are you a bottled water fan? Or do you still trust the free stuff you get from your tap? Well, filtered water is now the most popular option. Like from a fridge dispenser or a Brita. And tap water is our LEAST favorite. 37% of people said they normally drink [...]

Coming Up Father’s Day!

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Father's Day has JON LANGSTON thinking of how he owes it all to his dad. He coached his sports teams, drove him to practices, and when he switched to music, the man rented an RV to take his boy everywhere. Quote, "He's the most selfless, humble human being ever, and if I'm half the man he is one day, then that'd be fine with me."   Great story, Darrel is a dad and will be celebrating next weekend, but Darryl is singe and trying to think of things to get his dad! Smoker? White New Balance Shoes?  

COVID Cases Rise to 689 in MN (April 1)

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Minnesota Case Information Total positive: 689 Deaths: 17 Patients who no longer need to be isolated: 342 Hospitalization Total cases requiring hospitalization: 122 Hospitalized as of today: 54 Hospitalized in ICU as of today: 27 Demographics Median Age Age Range All cases 47 4 months - 104 years Non-hospitalized cases 42 4 months - 104 years Hospitalized cases 64 6 - 95 years Hospitalized cases in ICU 65 33 - 95 years Deaths 84 58 - 95 years   Gender: 51% female, 48% male, 0% other Likely Exposure Percent of Cases Cruise ship 3% International travel 15% Known exposure to a case 21% Travel [...]

Karen Fairchild’s Advice to Newcomer Ingrid Andress

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Newcomer Ingrid Andress has a highly anticipated album, Lady Like, that will be released on March 27. There are some suspicions that there will be some Little Big Town influences contained within it. In an interview with Country Aircheck, Andress talks about the advice that she had received from Fairchild. “(She) said to always got with your gut, because the further along you get, the more cooks there are in the kitchen and the more opinions you’re going to have to listen to,” Andress said. “First and foremost as an artist, your job is to keep your goal and vision, because [...]