Cute Animals Lower Your Stress

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Watching videos of CUTE ANIMALS for 30 minutes can cut your anxiety by 35% to 50%, according to a new study.  It can also lower your blood pressure and your heart rate. Feel free to skip the reading and go directly to the video of SUPER CUTE ANIMALS! Next time you find yourself watching videos of otters holding hands on YouTube, don't worry:  You're not wasting time, you're doing some SELF-CARE. According to a new study, watching videos of CUTE ANIMALS for 30 minutes can cut your anxiety by 35% to 50%.  It can also lower your blood pressure and your [...]

You’re on Camera How Many Times a Week?

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Get ready to think back on all those times you picked your nose and thought no one was watching . . . A new study found there are so many security cameras now, the average American is caught on camera 238 times a week. That's 34 times each day. And if you travel a lot, or work certain jobs, it's over a THOUSAND times a week. Here's how they broke it down . . .  You're more likely to be caught by a security camera while DRIVING than at any other time. 160 times a week on average. The average employee [...]

Life on Other Planets

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Are there aliens out there on Neptune who've never heard about the good people of Earth and maybe they, them, or it(?) are wondering if there's life out there too? You may have heard about scientists finding the possibility of life on Venus last week. So a new survey asked Americans: Do you believe basic life forms exist on other planets in our solar system? 47% say yes . . . 23% say no . . . and 29% aren't sure.

Are You “Young” or “Old” for Your Job?

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Would you say you're "young" or "old" for the job you're in? Or about average? Well, the jobs site has a new calculator that can tell you. You enter your age and job title, and it tells you how much older or younger you are than the average worker in your position. And it's got stats for a bunch of different jobs. (For example, they say the average radio DJ is 42.) They also figured out the careers with the oldest and youngest workers, on average. The youngest are people in the military, where the average is 31 years old. [...]

Local Elections Guide

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The profiles of regional candidates running in the November 3 election, provided by the candidates themselves, are now available online at Candidates were asked to complete an online profile, including biographical information and respond to an online questionnaire. The questionnaire enables voters to gauge a candidate’s perspective including the following areas: Understanding of the core responsibilities of the elected position Views on key issues and impact The role of public office and promoting business vitality and economic development Fiscal responsibility Open communication and accountability Compromise and consensus   Candidate profiles are available for the following races:      US Representative 1stDistrict [...]

The Top Signs You’re a Bad Driver

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Everyone THINKS they're a good driver. But spend 30 seconds on any road in America, and you know it's not true. So a new survey asked people to name the top signs someone is a BAD driver. Here's the Top 10 . . . Excessive speeding. 61% said it means you're a bad driver. But over 40% admitted THEY like to drive fast. And one in three think of speed limits as "just a suggestion." Cutting people off, 54%. Tailgating, 44%. Constant road rage, 43%. Using your horn too much, 38%. Not using turn signals, 38%. Driving with one hand on [...]

Vinyl Albums Outsold CDs

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If it was any other year, this would be pretty shocking, but 2020 just about has me fully numb.  Still, it's a little crazy.  For the first time since the 1980s, vinyl records have outsold CDs. In the first half of the year, vinyl accounted for $232.1 million of music sales.  CDs only brought in $129.9 million.  Vinyl grew by 4% in the first half of 2020, while CD sales were down 48%.  Overall, physical sales are down 23%. Which isn't all THAT surprising, since the world is pretty much moving to streaming and digital music . . . and records [...]

Was This the Worst Summer Ever?

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Labor Day was the unofficial end of summer. (It officially ends September 22nd.) So in general, how did this summer compare to an AVERAGE summer? A survey asked 1,500 Americans if this was their WORST summer ever . . . and only about one in six said yes. That's 16%. 14% said it was a "good" summer overall . . . 38% said "average" . . . and 30% said "bad." And it turns out some Americans have been having a blast the last few months. 2% said it was their BEST summer ever. The survey also found the most popular [...]

The Phone Call is Over.

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I'm not sure we needed MORE proof that the era of the phone call is over, but here you go: According to a new survey, the overwhelming majority of people would rather have you TEXT them than call them. The only exception is people over 55.  72% of people under 39 would rather you text, and so would 61% of people between 40 and 54. For people over 55, 35% prefer a text, 49% prefer a call. Also, for what it's worth, people who prefer calls over texts are almost three times less likely to have smartphones.

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