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The dancing stars spend many hours preparing for the show. Not only do our teams put together their routines for the performance, but they have also spend a great deal of time and effort gathering cash donations and garnering ticket sales for the event. Their level of commitment exemplifies both courage and generosity.

On performance night, each team will perform a routine and receive a score from the judges. After everyone has performed, a short intermission will be held and you will be asked to cast votes for all of your favorite stars. You can vote/donate as often as you wish by either placing cash in the dancing buckets or by voting online with your smartphone. The buckets are located at designated areas throughout the performance venue.

Our dancing stars can win this event by combining these efforts:

Pre-fundraising – this includes the money raised by ticket sales and donations before the event

Popular vote – this includes the money raised on the night of the event

Judges Choice – this includes the performance score given by the judges

Grand Champion – this is the winner based on the average of the above efforts



  • Brook Devenport
  • Matt Downs
  • Bukata Hayes
  • Todd Lau
  • Mankato Clinic Nurses
  • May Clinic Nurses
  • Kevin Newman
  • Chris Shay
  • Autumn Spence
  • Jes Tano
  • Nick Wayne
  • Steve Wegman