The stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas is around a month-long . . . but not everyone can keep the HOLIDAY CHEER going the whole time.

A new study asked people how long they could go . . . starting on Black Friday and then into December . . . before they felt burned out.  Specifically, they asked when people felt they’d need a break from alcohol and partying.

And people in most states are ALREADY burned out.

The state with the MOST endurance is New Hampshire . . . and people there can still only make it until December 15th, which is this coming Wednesday.

For people in three states . . . Delaware, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania . . . the burnout date is TODAY, December 13th.

And some states got burned out on holiday cheer well over a week ago:  People in Vermont and Montana needed a break by December 3rd, just seven days into the holidays.