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Top Things We Miss About Our Childhood Include No Bills

By |2021-06-08T07:15:19-05:00June 8th, 2021|Categories: Blogs|

Life's pretty stressful, and it's hard to not feel nostalgic for your childhood.  Here are the top ten things people miss about being a kid . . . School holidays. Not having any worries about life. Not having to pay bills. Spending all day playing. Not having to work. No responsibilities. Being excited to wake up on your birthday. Playing in the park on swings and slides. Having someone cook all your meals. Seeing friends every day at school. 61% of people said they've lost their sense of fun as they've gotten older.  And 22% would like to share favorite parts [...]

Things I’ve Noticed

By |2021-06-07T07:31:17-05:00June 7th, 2021|Categories: Blogs|

When you finally turn on the AC it feels like you're rich walking into your place. I finally caved and turned it on Saturday night. There are enough ants on earth to destroy the human race. Yet they don't. Be grateful. This weekend consisted of 3 kinds of people... those who had lake access, those who stayed inside to beat the heat, and those who had to work. A nice shower followed by a good coat of aloe vera, and then wait 30 minutes and apply the aloe one more time before bed. That's my remedy for sunburn. Assuming you got [...]

What’s Something Perfectly Legal That Should Be Illegal?

By |2021-06-07T07:19:19-05:00June 7th, 2021|Categories: Blogs|

If you could make one of these two things ILLEGAL, which would you choose:  Robocalls . . . or junk mail.  Tough choice, right?  Someone online asked for the worst things that are LEGAL.  And those were two big ones people agreed with. There were also some serious answers, like kid beauty pageants, healthcare costs, and for-profit prisons.  But here are a few more not-so-serious suggestions . . . TV shows with smoke detectors going off. Subscriptions or services that auto-renew, or are too hard to cancel.  Like having to go to the gym just to cancel your membership. Food companies [...]

It’s National Donut Day!

By |2021-06-04T07:50:04-05:00June 4th, 2021|Categories: Blogs|

It's National Donut Day, and a few places are running deals . . . You can get a free donut at Krispy Kreme, no purchase necessary.  Dunkin' has a free donut deal too if you buy a drink.  DiGiorno is also giving away a pizza-donut mashup on Twitter called DiGiornuts.  Here are a few donut stats . . . 91% of people say they like or love donuts.  Only 1% of us hate them. The average person eats 31 donuts a year.  That's two or three a month. Glazed donuts are our favorite type.  The top five are glazed . . . Boston cream [...]

Basically Everyone Under 30 Uses Their Phone on the Toilet

By |2021-06-02T08:12:32-05:00June 2nd, 2021|Categories: Blogs|

Will younger people want to go back to shaking hands when the pandemic is over?  Well, you might not want to shake THEIR hand after you hear this stat. 93% of people under 30 use their phone on the TOILET, according to a new poll.  That's 20 points higher than the overall average of 73%. It also found one in three people never clean their phone.  And when we do we don't always clean it well.  Less than half said they use things like cleaning wipes that have alcohol.  A lot of people said they usually just wipe it down with their [...]

The Average Person Only Trusts Seven People

By |2021-06-02T07:51:48-05:00June 2nd, 2021|Categories: Blogs|

Think about how many people you really TRUST in your life.  Friends, family . . . maybe Tom Hanks?  You can't count yourself, or your pets, OR Tom Hanks actually. According to a recent study, the average adult trusts just SEVEN people.  And 40% say the pandemic has actually helped reveal who's trustworthy and who isn't.  More than eight out of 10 people think THEY themselves are trustworthy though. It also found the top signs you're trustworthy include:  Being reliable . . . NOT being manipulative . . . having integrity . . . respecting boundaries . . . being a good listener [...]

DiGiorno Is Giving Away Pizza-Donut Hybrids

By |2021-06-01T08:11:43-05:00June 1st, 2021|Categories: Blogs|

This Friday is National Cheese Day and National Donut Day.  And one company is running a promotion for BOTH:  The makers of DiGiorno frozen pizzas are giving away 10 boxes of pizza-donut HYBRIDS called "DiGiornuts." They're exactly what they sound like . . . donuts filled with mozzarella cheese, and then topped with pizza sauce and more cheese.  And one of them also appears to have shredded pepperoni on top. If that's something you'd want to try . . . or if you just want to sell some stale pizza-donuts on eBay . . . you can win a half-dozen box this Friday.  Just look [...]

Two-Thirds of Us Think We’re Good Kissers

By |2021-06-01T07:57:45-05:00June 1st, 2021|Categories: Blogs|

A survey last week found we're less confident in our driving skills after the pandemic. But I guess some things are more like riding a bike . . . because a new poll found we're still highly confident in our KISSING skills. Two-thirds of Americans say they're a good kisser . . . including one in four who think they're GREAT at it. And only 3% of us think we're terrible kissers. Around one in five people said they're either not sure about their kissing skills, or they've never kissed anyone. The survey also found most of us have fond memories [...]

Top Foods We Want to See at a Memorial Day Barbecue

By |2021-05-27T10:55:43-05:00May 27th, 2021|Categories: Blogs|

If you're hosting a Memorial Day barbecue this weekend and want to appeal to the masses, this should help . . . A poll looked at the top foods people would put on their plate . . . including main dishes and sides. The top main dishes we want are Burgers . . . hot dogs . . . ribs . . . sausages or brats . . . chicken wings . . . pulled pork . . . and brisket. The top side dishes we want to see are:  Potato salad . . . corn on the cob . . [...]

How Many Nights in the Wilderness Could We Survive?

By |2021-05-25T08:06:25-05:00May 25th, 2021|Categories: Blogs|

This number might not be that far off . . . but only because our BODIES are good at surviving, not us. The average person thinks that if you dropped them in the middle of nowhere, they could survive in the wilderness for 16 days. Again, that's SURVIVE . . . not survive comfortably.  So as long as you could find water and not freeze to death, you might make it. The "not freezing" part might be tough though because less than one in five Americans is confident they could start a fire if they only had flint.  And without flint, [...]

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