Things I’ve Noticed

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Over the weekend we had great weather, I noticed a lot going on once again. We slipped into county fair time without really noticing. Blue Earth is already past, next up locally is Brown and Nicollet. Now I joke about this, but I hope we really did land on the moon, meanwhile, people still think the moon landing was fake but immediately believe two billionaires both went into space without any documentation of the two years of astronaut training it usually takes. It's highly unlikely that EVERYONE was king fu fighting. When you buy pre-shredded cheese, the cheese itself is technically [...]

8/2/21 Entertainment News

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8/2/21 Entertainment News (Undated) -- Ashley Judd is hiking in the mountains again, less than six months after shattering her right leg. The 53-year-old actress posted an update Sunday on Instagram, including a video showing her walking up a hill in a Swiss national park. She wrote, "Five months and three weeks after the accident in the Congolese rainforest, I walked again!" In February, Judd tripped over a fallen tree in a rainforest in the Republic of Congo and shattered her leg in four places. She was carried out during what she called a "grueling 55-hour odyssey" and flown to a [...]

Ready, Set, Binge! New titles available to stream this weekend!

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Netflix Resort to Love: This rom-com featuring Christina Milian and SNL's Jay Pharoah follows a young aspiring singer who jets off to a beautiful resort to help find herself after a breakup. However, what she finds is her ex-fiancé and his new bride. Outer Banks (Season 2): Picking up right where season one left off, follow along as these teens embark on the treasure hunt of a lifetime. Plastic Cup Boyz: Laughing My Mask Off: Prepare to laugh as trio known as The Plastic Cup Boyz deliver their best jokes in this stand-up comedy special. Love is Blind: After the Alter: Catch up with your favorites from the Love is Blind cast [...]

7/30/21 Entertainment News

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7/30/21 Entertainment News (New York, NY) -- Broadway shows will require audience members to both have the COVID-19 vaccine and wear face masks, at least for the next three months. The Broadway League says guests will need to show proof of their vaccination status as well as a valid ticket prior to entry. As far as face masks, the one exception is areas designated for eating and drinking, where they can be removed. This comes as Mayor Bill de Blasio has called on more businesses to require that employees be vaccinated, saying mandates are needed. (Austin, TX) -- Willie Nelson is [...]

Check out Adam Driver, Lady Gaga and Jared Leto in the trailer for Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci

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Director Ridley Scott has unveiled the trailer for his much-anticipated new film, House of Gucci. Adam Driver plays assassinated fashion mogul Maurizio Gucci, while an almost unrecognizable Jared Leto plays his cousin, Paulo, and Lady Gaga plays Maurizio's ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani, who was convicted of arranging his murder. Maurizio was the grandson of the iconic label's founder, Guccio Gucci. As Blondie's "Heart of Glass" floats in the background, Gaga says in an Italian accent, "It was a name that sounded so sweet... Synonymous with wealth, style, power. But that name was a curse, too." The trailer shows Patricia and Maurizio's wedding, the trappings of the fabulous wealth that the House of Gucci accumulated and, ultimately, the family drama. House [...]

The Summer Smells We Hate Most

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Here's a fun would-you-rather question for summer: On a 100-degree day, would you rather get a big whiff of a sweaty dude's BODY ODOR . . . or a hot pile of GARBAGE? A new poll asked people to name the worst smells of summer, and those two tied for first. The summer smells we hate most are: Sweaty B.O. . . . hot trash . . . and lawnmower fumes. The smells we LOVE most are: Barbecue . . . fresh-cut grass . . . and beach air. The smell of sunblock ranked high as well. They also asked people [...]

Things I’ve Noticed

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I got on the motorcycle and rode back to my parents on Sunday. My sister was there with her kids. Turns out my niece wants to be a crime scene investigator. There was so many chalked outline of bodies. I noticed I'm not the creepy old guy type, I'm more the old dad figure. "Why is she wearing that" "Who left her leave the house like that?" Summer has been moving, always does... but where did July go. People were everywhere this weekend... so many activities for all of us to enjoy!

Things I’ve Noticed

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Live music feels good... now I've been going to live shows wherever I could find them the entire time, but Saturday at Rockin on the Hill just felt soooo good. Bring on Summer Jam and Rib Fest! Our final parade of the season was Sunday in New Ulm, Bavarian Blast - which was a blast. Except the New Ulm route is always a brutal one. Long and hot! So worth it when you get to talk to so many friends and listeners. I noticed I haven't had pizza in a week, and this is concerning to me. If you make people [...]

The Top Ice Cream Truck Treats

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The sound of an ice cream truck was the greatest thing in the world as a kid.  But as adults, it's like . . . "Oh, cool.  I can also get most of that stuff at the STORE now though." Someone looked at Google Trends to find the most popular ice cream truck treat in all 50 states.  But general interest and grocery sales may have skewed the stats, because KLONDIKE BARS are #1 overall. 1.  Klondike Bars, nine states. 2.  Choco Tacos, eight states. 3.  Red-white-and-blue Firecracker popsicles, seven states plus D.C. 4.  Ice cream sandwiches, five states. 5.  Lemon [...]

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