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Ann and Steve join Lisa to chat about the Rehabilitation Loan Program and the Emergency & Accessibility Loan Program https://share.transistor.fm/s/fd72bc67 Minnesota Valley Action Council  Rehabilitation Loan / Emergency & Accessbility Programs (RLP/ELP)

Leashing Your Toddler Is Now Socially Acceptable, Plus What Now?

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The first time you saw this, you thought it was weird.  But it's definitely become a thing:  A new poll found putting your toddler on a LEASH is now socially acceptable.  48% of Americans say it's fine, compared to 34% who don't think it's okay.  The other 17% weren't sure or didn't have an opinion. Here are a few more questions about babies, and how people answered . . . Would you rather have a boy or a girl?  19% said boy . . . 15% said girl . . . and 54% said no preference.  Men were more likely to [...]

“Signs” of Intelligence . . . That Actually Don’t Mean You’re Smart

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There's a forum online where people are talking about things some people might THINK are a sign of intelligence . . . but they're actually not.  Here are a few of the good ones:   Being a contrarian.  "Disagreeing with everything is as lazy as believing everything." Just having a good memory.  Or knowing a lot of trivia. Fast-talking. Using "academic jargon" and long-winded terminology.  "Just because you know a couple fancy words doesn't mean you're intelligent."  And you better make sure you're using the big words appropriately. Having a YouTube channel.  It doesn't make you an authority on a subject. Education.  Good [...]

Punxsutawney Phacts

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Happy Groundhog Day, everyone!  Here are a few stats and facts to help celebrate.  (Check here and here to see if Phil saw his shadow.  They usually announce it around 7:20 A.M. Eastern.)  Don't put too much stock in Punxsutawney Phil's prediction.  He's been making them since 1886, and he's only been right 39% of the time.  So you'd be better off flipping a coin.  That said, the Groundhog Club claims he's never wrong.  They say it's their fault for misinterpreting his language, "Groundhogese." He usually predicts six more weeks of winter.  Coming into today, he'd seen his shadow 106 times, plus one "partial shadow" in [...]

Willie Nelson Reflects How Marijuana Saved His Life

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If he wanted to, Willie Nelson could thumb his nose at the marijuana haters when he turns 90 on April 29th. He's talked about how weed saved his life, so E!Online asked him to elaborate, and here's what he said. Quote, "Well, it not only saved my life, it probably saved some other people's lives. Because, before I smoked marijuana, I was drinking a lot. And I might have killed a lot of people, too. So I'm just glad that that didn't happen." They also asked if there's some kind of special diet that keeps him going. Quote, "I don't eat [...]

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