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Agreement reached on ethics complaint against Rep Thompson; apology set to take place on House floor

By |August 2nd, 2021|

A State House committee dismissed a complaint against Representative John Thompson after an agreement was reached between Thompson and Representative Eric Lucero. Thompson called Lucero a "racist" on the House floor in June... "Representative John Thompson has agreed to voluntarily [...]

7th District Congressional Candidate opens up about mental health struggles

By |August 2nd, 2021|

Mark Lindquist of Moorhead is well-known as a motivational speaker who performs the National Anthem at major sporting events nationwide. Earlier this month, he announced his plan to seek the Democratic nomination for Congress in Minnesota's 7th District. Thursday afternoon, [...]

End of federal COVID moratorium on evictions doesn’t affect Minnesotans

By |August 2nd, 2021|

The federal COVID moratorium on evictions ended but state officials say it does *not* affect Minnesotans because of the "off-ramp" the legislature approved.  Minnesota Housing Commissioner Jennifer Ho says "a lot" of federal assistance money is available for those who [...]

Sen. Smith hopeful trillion-dollar infrastructure package will continue path forward

By |August 2nd, 2021|

It appears the Senate is moving ahead with a bipartisan infrastructure plan. Earlier this week, senators voted 67-to-32 to advance the bill, with 17 Republicans joining all 50 Democrats. U-S Senator Tina Smith says a broad infrastructure plan is overdue... [...]

Group of GOP lawmakers threatening legal action if Walz reinstates emergency powers

By |August 2nd, 2021|

As COVID cases again increase in Minnesota, a group of House Republicans say they're ready to resume legal action if Governor Tim Walz reinstates his emergency powers.  The Minnesota Supreme Court late last month refused to hear a case brought [...]

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